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Do you know where your chocolate comes from?

After a heavy packed chocolate season we want to raise awareness about child labour in the chocolate industry. According to the U.S. Labor Department, over 2 million children work in the cocoa fields of Cote D’Ivore and Ghana. More than 60% of the worlds cocoa production comes from these countries.

Candy companies like #Nestlé, #Hershey and #Cargill acknowledge this problem but have failed to remove child labour from their cocoa supply chains. Children working in plantations are exposed to serious hazards and exploitation, using dangerous tools, with only limited access to fresh water, proper food and housing and with no access to education.

Miilza Project encourages you to take action. Go to your favourite chocolate brand's social media and ask them if they use cocoa that is produced with child labour.

Let’s put pressure on chocolate companies and demand them transparency and effective monitoring on their cocoa supply chains. The chocolate industry has the economic power to tackle this problem and to contribute to the communities where their cocoa beans are produced.

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