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Stand up for workers' rights!

Mattel, Hasbro, Disney and Wal-Mart toy stores are usually associated with the image of families and their children getting brand new presents from their parents, unwrapping their holiday gifts and enjoying the spirit of the Christmas celebrations at home.

Unfortunately, these major names in the toy industry still rely on Chinese sweatshops to bring some of the most famous toy brands to our stores including Frozen, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Nerf, Monster High, FurReal Friends, and Little People.

This means that, some of the most famous toys that come to our stores are manufactured by unscrupulous factories that have little respect to their workers human rights and dignity. Sweatshop workers from the toy industry in China work 12 hours a day shifts for pennies in unsanitary, crowed facilities. Workers are obliged to work under exploitative conditions. For instance, workers lack of access to bathrooms or showers and are subject to hazardous working conditions without proper safety equipment. Workers are paid less than the national minimum wage and the salaries are overdue. Working conditions are so poor that “over the course of a year, a toy worker may only be able to see her parents and children one time.”

In spite of the conditions described above, the Chinese authorities have sided with the toy industry and their unethical practices, sending the police authorities to repress workers who demand better working conditions and that their labor rights be respected by their employers.

In the spirit of the current celebrations we would like to encourage you to sign this petition asking Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, and Wal-Mart to raise wages and improve working conditions for your Chinese toy factory workers.

Find the online petition here:


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